Top 10 Ten Hi-Fi Systems - An Independent Review

JVC EX A10 Hi-Fi System
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JVC EX A10 - Hi-Fi Systems
JVC EX A10 Hifi system image
Top Ten 10 Hi-Fi Systems
This system is exceptional, giving you everything that you could want from
a top end Hi-Fi system. The only thing preventing it from topping every hi-fi
lovers wish list - is the brand name.  Not that there is anything wrong with
JVC - their products are excellent. But there is a lot of snobbery in the Hi-Fi
sector -and the JVC badge is just not "specialist" enough for some buyers.

If you're not a Hi-Fi snob - and you simply want top quality music
reproduction, you should seriously consider a JVC EX A10 system.

It includes the very stylish JVC exclusive two-way wood cone speakers
which give fabulous natural sound, and all the bells and whistles you are
likely to need for total home integration.
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