Top 10 Ten Hi-Fi Systems - An Independent Review

Onkyo CS-715 DAB Hi-Fi System
Onkyo CS-715DAB


D-N10BX(B) 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers - gloss piano black finish
• 13 cm A-OMF Monocoque Diaphragm Woofer
• 3 cm Ring-Drive Tweeter
• Aero Acoustic Drive for Powerful and Natural Sound
• V-Line Edge to Counteract Unwanted Diaphragm Vibration
• Type Banana Plug-Compatible Speaker Posts
• Magnetically Shielded
• Impedance: 4 Ù
• Max. Input Power: 70 W
• Frequency Response: 45 Hz–100 kHz
• WHD: 167 x 298 x 247 mm
• 4.2 kg

The Onkyo CS-715 DAB Hi-Fi system is very impressive. Quality DAB ensures that you get the best sounds and radio stations available.
The Hi-Fi system itself is very stylish with its titanium coloured aluminium front panel. It also boasts very tough build quality.
The sound clarity is exceptional, and this Hi-Fi system is compatible with RI Dock for the iPod - meaning that you can play all of your favourite
tunes from your iPod directly through this system.  A very well designed Hi-Fi system that is well worth the asking price.
Onkyo CS-715 DAB Hifi system image
Top Ten 10 Hi-Fi Systems
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