Top 10 Ten Hi-Fi Systems - An Independent Review

Philips WACS700 Hi-Fi System
Philips WACS700

The Philips WACS700 Hi-Fi system is in our top ten selection because it represents the future of
hi-fi systems. Wireless capabilities enable music to be played all around your home.

You can store your entire CD collection on the 40 GB hard disk and listen to different music in
every room in your house.

The remote control that comes with this Hi-Fi system is pretty simple to use and has a built in
display giving you that extra bit of quality that Philips products offer.

The most important thing about any of our top ten hi-fi systems is the sound quality - and the
sound that comes from this Hi-fi system is pure - second to none.

This Philips system is would be a wonderful enhanement for any home.
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Philips WACS700 - Hi-Fi Systems
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Top Ten 10 Hi-Fi Systems
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