Top 10 Ten Hi-Fi Systems - An Independent Review

Sonos ZP 100 ZonePlayer Hi-Fi System
Sonos ZP100 Zone Player
The Sonos ZP100 system is a networked audio player that distributes, plays and amplifies your music throughout your home.
I had to add this to our top ten because of its pure quality.

This system enables you to play different songs in up to 32 rooms simultaneously - we don't know of any other system that can match this.

All you need for this system to work is the Sonos Zoneplayer ZP 100, the Sonos controller, a PC and speakers in the rooms where you want music.

The controller is hand held and enables you to wirelessly access all of your music through a full colour LCD screen all in the palm of your hand!
This means that you will not have to keep trudging back to your PC to change your tracks or even turn off your music.
If I had to choose any system for my home it would be this, it is absolutely brilliant!
Sonos ZP 100 ZonePlayer Image
Sonos Controller Image
Top Ten 10 Hi-Fi Systems
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