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Top Ten Electric Kettles - An Independent Review

The Eco Kettle is not just a vessel for boiling water.
It is a huge leap for mankind!
It is the most efficient kettle on the planet, boiling exactly the right amount of water -
with no wasted electricity!
In fact, you could view the Eco Kettle as a free gift from your electricity company -
it will pay for itself in just a few months!

This brilliantly designed appliance has a 3kW concealed element, boil-dry protection,
cord storage in the base, cordless main kettle, locking lid for safety, 1.5 litre capacity,
clear window, very fast almost silent boil action, and a washable limescale filter.

Every home should have an Eco Kettle - buy one today!
You will save money on your electricity bill, lower your carbon footprint
And you will be doing something for our planet!
The Eco Kettle
Independent Electric Kettle Review