The Top 10 Golfers of All Time
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all
time. He won a record 18 major
championships between 1962 and 1986.

Later, on the Champions Tour, the senior
version of the PGA Tour, he won 8 of that
tour's majors too!

Both records still stand today.

Big Jack (The Golden Bear) totally
dominated the game during his era, and
his record in the majors may never be
broken - not even by Tiger Woods!
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods took the golfing world by
storm with his immense power and his
tactical aggression.

He had no weaknesses in his game,
and he looked odds-on to break Jack's
major championship record.

But a recent meltdown in both his
private life and his golfing ability have
left him floundering. He is nothing like
the golfer he once was, and he looks
unlikely now to break Jack's record.

Major Wins (so far) - 14
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer was the first great golfer
of the television era - and that made him
a household name all over the world. A
powerful man, and never one to hold
back on the golf course, Arnie launched
himself at every drive with all the
strength he could muster.
His swash-buckling style made him
immensely popular with sports fans and
he had a massive following (Arnie's
Army) wherever he played.
A great American, a true gentleman and
a credit to the game of golf.

Major Wins - 7    Arnold Palmer Videos
Bobby Jones
Robert Tyre Jones holds a unique record. It will
never be equalled! He is the only player ever to
win the US Open, The US Amateur, The British
Open and The British Amateur Titles in the same
year! Between 1926 and 1930, no one had a finer
major championship record than Bobby Jones.
Despite remaining an amateur, Jones was the
supreme champion. He played in four British
Opens winning three of them, and he won four
US Opens. He also co-founded the Augusta
National Golf Course, and the US Masters
Tournament - one of today's four Majors. He
retired from tournament golf at the age of 28, to
focus on a career as a lawyer.       Major Wins - 7
Young Tom Morris
Born in St Andrews in 1851 and died on
Christmas Day, 1875 at the age of 24.
"Young Tom" won the Open Championship
in 1868, 1869, 1870 and 1872.  He scored
the first Open Championship hole in one.
He won the original Championship Belt
outright after his hat-trick of victories, so the
now famous Claret Jug became the trophy
for the next Open in 1872, and Tom Morris
Jr is the first name engraved on it.  His wife
and newborn baby died suddenly in 1875,
and  Young Tom never got over it. He died
on Christmas day the same year. It was a
tragic loss for the town of St Andrews and
for the game of golf.
Seve Ballesteros
Dashing, daring, charismatic and brilliant!
Seve had it all! He turned professional in  
1974 at the age of 16. In 1976, he finished
second in The Open Championship. He
won the European Tour Order of Merit that
year, and repeated his Order of Merit win
five more times! He played the game with
the courage and flair of a matador, and he
was the most exciting player of all time to
Even after his tragic, untimely death, he
continues to inspire European golfers, as
shown during the 2012 Ryder Cup!
Major Wins - 5
Tom Watson
Tom Watson is famous for his titanic
struggles with Jack Nicklaus. Their
encounters at Turnberry 1977 and Pebble
Beach 1982 (both won by Watson) are
possibly the most memorable clashes of
the modern era! Nicklaus and Watson were
fierce rivals, but they are also lifelong
friends, and when Nicklaus said goodbye to
golf on that famous day at St Andrews, Tom
Watson was the man shedding the most
tears! A fine gentleman and a great golfer.
And still going strong! Aged 59, Tom almost
matched Harry Vardon's Open record -
losing in a play-off at Turnberry.
Major wins - 8
Harry Vardon
Harry Vardon was golf's first
international celebrity superstar.
He won the Open Championship
six times (still a record today).
In 1900 he crossed the Atlantic
and toured the United States,
playing in more than 80 matches
and capping it all off with victory in
the U.S. Open Championship.
He popularised a casual style of
dressing on the course, and gave
his name to overlapping grip (The
Vardon Grip) that is used by most
golfers today.
Major Wins - 7
tiger woods blasts out of a bunker
jack nicklaus in action
arnold palmer portrait
bobby jones swinging the golf club
old tom morris watching his son, young tom morris in action
seve punches the air after winning at st andrews
ben hogan in action at the top of his backswing
Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan is considered by most experts to have
been the finest striker of a golf ball ever. Those who
saw him play suggest that he was more machine
than man! Fortunately for his fellow golfers at the
time, he was not so perfect with the putter! His
problems on the greens may have cost him a few
major titles. But he remains a legend, and a
magnificent giant of the game.
His book
Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals
of Golf
 is the most widely-read golf tutorial ever
written. And film footage and photographs of his
swing are still studied by golf-swing gurus in the
hope of discovering his secret.

Major Wins - 9
Gary Player
Gary Player is one of the "Big Three" (along
with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus).  
This charismatic South African has won more
professional golf tournaments than any golfer
in history. He has won all four Major titles, and
he was the only man in the 20th century to win
the Open Championship in three different
decades! Known as the most travelled
sportsman in history, Gary  has clocked up
more than 14 million miles to play golf
tournaments! And he hasn't finished yet!
A great champion and a great ambassador for
the game of golf.

Major wins - 9
tom watson at the top of his backswing
gary player action portrait
harry vardon in action
Comparing players from different eras is never easy (and shouldn't be taken too seriously!)
Golf has changed so much down the years - and modern players definitely have it easier than their forebears!
It would be interesting to see how today's top players would do if they had to play on bumpy greens, use wooden-shafted clubs,
wear tweed jackets, and hit odd-shaped golf balls made from leather pouches stuffed with feathers!

These are our Top Ten Golfers Of All Time.
The Top 10 Golfers of All Time
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