Top Ten 10 Lawn Mowers
Petrol or Electric? Rotary or Cylinder? - Which Lawn Mower is best for you?
We compared just about every lawn mower on the market.
We looked at build-quality, reliability, ease of use, cut-quality, versatility, value for money and customer satisfaction.

If you just have an area of grass to keep tidy, a
rotary mower is ideal. Rotary mowers are cheaper to buy, lightweight and easy to use.

But if you have a serious relationship with your lawn - you'll need a
cylinder mower.
Cylinder mowers are more expensive, often heavier and not so easy to use -
but they definitely do a better job of cutting a pristine lawn. And if you want those coveted stripes - you'll need a mower with a
roller attached.

Petrol mowers are heavier than electric mowers - and they need more maintenance. But they are usually more powerful - and they can be used further from the house.

Electric mowers are lightweight and require very little maintenance. But they have the added problem (and possible risk) of a trailing cable.

Whichever type of lawn mower you choose - it should have a box to collect cuttings.
The last thing you need after hours of lawn mowing is more hours of raking and picking up of grass cuttings!

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