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Petrol or Electric? Rotary or Cylinder? - Which Lawn Mower is best for you?
This section will help you answer those questions.
We also name the best manufacturers in each category.
And we will recommend outlets that we know and trust.
Electric Corded Rotary Mowers

If you just have an area of grass to keep neat
and tidy, an electric rotary mower is ideal.

Electric rotary mowers are cheaper to buy,
lightweight and need little or no maintenance.

If your patch is close to the house - a corded
electric mower is the cheapest and best option.

The only downside is the slightly annoying and
possibly dangerous trailing cable.
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Electric Cordless Rotary Mowers

If your patch is not close to the house - a
cordless electric mower might be tempting.

Cordless electric mowers are far more expensive,
often close to double the price of the same mower
with a cord. All of that extra money is for the battery.

Also their batteries provide limited use, so if you
have a large area to mow you may run out of
and have to wait hours for the battery to charge
before continuing. This can be very frustrating.
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Petrol Rotary lawn Mowers

For larger areas of grass, a petrol rotary
mower is probably the best option.

Petrol mowers are tougher and more powerful, but
they tend to be heavier, and they require some
basic maintenance. They are the most "serious"
tools for the job, and they are not as expensive as
you might think.

The entry models require you to push them, which
can be hard work. Self-propelled versions move
along on their own - you just follow them and steer!
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Cylinder Mowers

The choice of perfectionists!
Cylinder lawnmowers are usually more expensive, often
heavier and require more skill to operate properly - but most
expert green-keepers insist that they are the only tool for
the job if you want a truly a pristine lawn. Most of the
"perfect" lawns that you see, like golf course greens, bowling
greens and tennis courts, are cut with cylinder mowers.

Most cylinder mowers are petrol driven, but there are a few
electric, and even cordless, versions available.
Or if you're training for the Olympics, there are purely
mechanical (sweat-driven) versions too - whew!
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