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The finest hotels with the best locations
and the most spectacular views.
Top 10 Hotels in New York City
Top 10 China
Top 10 Botswana
Top 10 Hawaii
If you like your romance HOT
Mexico is the place!
Top 10 Luxury Hotels In Mexico
Hawaii is THE place for
a luxury vacation!
Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Hawaii
Vegas is the greatest adult playground
on the planet!
Top 10 Hotels in Las Vegas
Rock stars, movie stars, and stellar
Top 10 Hotels in Los Angeles
Vivid skies, dazzling  beaches.
Paradise with a pulse!
Top 10 Hotels in Miami
Top 10 Barcelona
Top 10 Las Vegas
Top 10 Mexico
Top 10 Los Angeles
Barcelona is Europe's most hip city.
Why not see it in style...
Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Barcelona
You don't have to be rich
to have fun in Orlando
Top 10 Budget Hotels in Orlando
Top 10 Orlando
Life under canvas can be more
luxurious than you could ever believe!
Top 10 Safari Lodges Botswana
China is such an exciting destination!
So much to see, so much to learn!
Top 10 Luxury Hotels in China
Top 10 New York
New York (Boutique Hotels)
Private, intimate, stylish, and very
popular with celebrities!
Top 10 New York Boutique Hotels
Top 10 Miami
Top 10 Spain
Covid Safe UK Holiday Guide
hartland quay devon england
the needles isle of wight image from the air
The finest, luxury N.Y. Hotels.
Top 10 Hotels in New York City
tower bridge london with spectacular fireworks display
statue of liberty close up of head
romantic paris skyline at night
London has more luxury hotels
than any city in the world.
Top 10 Hotels In London
Paris is the most
romantic city in the world.
Top 10 Hotels in Paris
Top 10 London Hotels
Top 10 New York Hotels
Top 10 Paris Hotels
Top 10 Hotels In...
Top Ten United Kingdom Holiday Destinations
New Zealand - The Most Beautiful Country In The World
ninety mile beach new zealand
new zealand golf, cleawater resort
southern alps new zealand
New Zealand has it all!
Snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, raging rivers, majestic fjords, hot-springs, ancient forests, spectacular caves.
This entire country is a natural wonder!  Visit The Top Ten Site's fabulous  
New Zealand Holiday Guide
Ski Europe
panorama of stuben ski resort
Benidorm is the best resort in Europe for a bargain beach holiday.
In Benidorm you can still get a pint for 80p, a great 3 course meal for 6 Euros, and you can stay in a
luxury hotel for less than £20 a night - If you know where to look and how to book.
If you love to travel - You simply must visit Africa!
Read about our Top Ten Africa Destinatiions -
plus some extra gems that shouldn't be missed.
the top ten site botswana elephant
Natural Wonders
The top ten natural wonders of the world are all places
that you can visit - things you can actually see.
No serious traveller should miss them!
Benidorm Spain
Is It Covid Safe To Take A UK Holiday?
That's the key question - and our aim is to answer it honestly and to the best of our ability.
If you make the right choices you should be able to enjoy a safe holiday.
If you make the wrong choices you could endanger yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

Before we get into our chosen destinations we'd like to outline a few basic safety principles.
1: Get there in a bubble car.
The safest way to get to, and around, your chosen destination is in a car with your own "bubble" of people.
Trains, coaches, buses, trams, park and ride services, and taxis are nowhere near as covid safe as your car.

2: Choose self-catering accommodation if you can.
In self-catering accommodation (cottage, chalet, caravan with its own bathroom, boat with its own bathroom,
motor-home etc) you can maintain your bubble and reduce the risk of infection. Everything should have been
disinfected before you arrive, but if you have any doubts you can do it yourself. Plus you can maintain your
safety by controlling everything and everyone that enters your space.

3: Avoid confined spaces and crowded places.
Do as much as possible outdoors. The virus transmits less effectively outside, so eat drink and play al-fresco.

4: Keep Away From Children!
Obviously if you're a family this doesn't apply. But for more elderly or vulnerable people it makes sense to steer
clear of children and young people - who are the most likely spreaders of the virus. Some companies are now
providing adult only, child free breaks in a choice of very nice locations. Click the red link below for an example.