The Cape Verde Islands | Cape Verde | Cabo Verde
The Cape Verde Islands are a collection of absolute gems!
The Cape Verde Islands are an undiscovered, undeveloped treasure in the Atlantic Ocean.
Fabulous scenery - beaches, forests, mountains.  
And a wonderful mix of Portuguese and African cultures.
A great choice for an island holiday with a difference!
Yachtsman have long known about the Cape Verde Islands - which is why I know about them.
They are just about the only landfall for yachtsman crossing the Atlantic from Africa to Brazil. But
yachtsmen are a wily bunch - and they have kept these islands a secret.

While the Canary Islands, Madeira and The Azores have "enjoyed" a massive influx of tourists - The Cape
Verde Islands have been pretty much ignored.

The perfect climate, the isolated location, the spectacular scenery, the wonderful beaches,
and the fascinating mix of African and Portuguese culture make Cape Verde an absolute joy.
Getting Here
Unless you are a yachtsman, you will be arriving here by air.
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Passports & Visas
You will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates.
You will also need a visa - your tour operator should arrange this for you.

The official language here is Portuguese.

The currency here is the Cape Verde Escudo. Currency exchange is available at the airport and in local
NOTE: Currency cannot be reconverted, except in Portugal - so don't buy too much!
There are ATMs at the airport on Sal.
Credit & debit cards are hardly ever used here - cash is the best option.
A few hotels accept Visa - check with your tour operator.
Credit cards can be used to obtain cash from banks - but charges are very high.
This should be considered as an emergency only option.

Petty crime is fairly common here - keep an eye on your purse!
And make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance.
Violent crime, however, is rare.