Ethiopia Guide
Basic Information
Ethiopia is a stunning, rugged, mountainous country covering over a million sq kms in the horn of Africa.
It is a land-locked country, bordered by Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti.

It is generally accepted by modern science that Ethiopia is the true cradle of humanity.
Every human being on the planet has ancestors from Ethiopia!

Ethiopia has a dry season from October through May and a rainy season from June through September.
Temperatures vary according to latitude and altitude, but compared to most African destinations Ethiopia is mild.
Because most of the country is set on a high plateau, temperatures rarely venture above 25 degrees.
However, it can get far hotter than this in the lowlands.

Entry Requirements
Tourist visas for citizens of most European countries, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are issued on arrival.
Visitors from other countries may have to obtain a visa before leaving home - check with your tour operator.

Until recently all visitors required a health certificate for yellow fever.
This is no longer a requirement  - unless you are entering from an infected area.
Immunisation against Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus & Typhoid is recommended.
Malaria precautions should be taken before visiting the lowlands.
Consult your doctor several weeks before your journey.

The currency here is the Ethiopian Birr.
Visitors may only import or export 100 Birr.
There is no limit on the import of foreign currency.
The best currency to bring is the US Dollar.
Credit cards are not much use at all here.

The government and the people of Ethiopia are keen to welcome visitors to their fabulous country.
It will be a few years before much of the new tourist infrastructure is in place - so don't expect luxury here just yet.
But a true Africa vacation is not really about luxury - it is about adventure!
And nowhere in Africa can offer a more fascinating travel experience than Ethiopia.
We have chosen the Top Ten tour operators for visitors to Ethiopia.

Getting Here
Addis Ababa, has a major international airport. Airlines from all around the world fly here.
The airport at is a 10-minute drive from downtown and the city's best hotel, restaurant and shopping districts.
There is an excellent shuttle bus between the airport and the city centre. And taxis are plentiful.
There is a US$20 departure tax for international flights.

Getting Around
Travelling within Ethiopia is best organised by expert tour operators.
We have invited the best tour operators to join us.
The Top Ten Site Guide To Ethiopia
Ethiopia is a fabulous birding destination!
Around 820 species have been recorded -  600 are resident and 220 are regular seasonal migrants.
Ethiopia has 32 endemics!
More than any other mainland African nation.
And new discoveries are made almost every year!

The highlands and the Rift Valley offer the chance to see
Spot-breasted Lapwing, Erlanger Lark, Rouget`s Rail, Ruddy Shelduck, Golden Eagle, Red-billed Chough,
Blue-winged Goose, Black-headed Siskin, Wattled Ibis, and Abyssinian Longclaw - to name just a few!