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The Garden Route South Africa - A fabulous destnation.

Here you can experience a taste of the real Africa - but in the lap of absolute luxury!
This kind of travel doesn't come cheap, but if you can afford it - it's wonderful!

The Garden Route is the section of South Africa's coastline from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.
It includes some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world.
There are some wonderful small towns along the way - and some superb private game reserves where you can see a good
cross-section of African wildlife. These reserves may not be the Serengeti, but they are still the real deal - not just some Africa theme

Possibly the best way to travel the Garden Route is by train.
Ships are sublime, planes are pretty good fun, helicopters are a genuine buzz!
But in my opinion, nothing beats travelling by train - especially a steam train.
I'm not talking about any old train ride here - I'm talking about the sensational Rovos Rail.

Rovos run the most luxurious trains in the world.
Restored steam trains with carriages that make The Orient Express look like an old cattle-truck!
If you really want to pamper yourself - take a ride on a Rovos train from Cape Town to George.
I haven't had the privilege of a trip on these trains yet - but I know people who have - and they positively rave about the experience. It's
my greatest ambition to try it some day soon!
It's expensive - but it's the kind of trip that memories are made of.

Other great memories could include a whale-watching trip in Walker Bay.
This is arguably the best place in the world to get a close up look at one of the most spectacular creatures on the planet - the Southern
Right Whale.
Or, if you happen to be crazy - how about a cage dive among Great White Sharks!

However you travel, wherever you go, you will have a truly memorable time on the Garden Route.
And, hopefully, once you've had a taste of Africa - you'll be hooked!
Try the Garden Route this year - and maybe I'll see you in the Serengeti next year!
Passports and Visas
For British, European and American nationals entry is straightforward and hassle-free.
All you need is a valid passport.
A free entry permit will be granted as you enter South Africa.
If you are not from one of the above countries - check with your tour operator.
The South African Currency is the Rand.
You can obtain Rand in your home country before you start your journey, or at banks, hotels and Bureaux De Change in most parts of
South Africa - especially on the Garden Route.
Credit cards are universally accepted. Travellers cheques are OK but not really necessary.
Tipping is expected - around 15% is fair and reasonable.
You will be charged 14% VAT (purchase tax) on anything you buy here.
But if you keep your receipts you may be able to claim it back as you leave the country.
Health & Safety
The Garden Route of South Africa is one of the healthiest and safest places in the world.
The water here is among the safest in the world for drinking.
No vaccinations are required here - unless you are entering from a Yellow Fever risk area.

Once away from Cape Town the crime rate along the Garden Route is very low indeed.
Tourists - especially the wealthy tourists who visit the Garden Route are extremely important to South Africa, and the security services
are totally dedicated to keeping you safe.
South Africa - The Garden Route
The Garden Route - See Africa in Comfort, Luxury and Style!
If you like the idea of an Africa Vacation - in comfort, luxury and style...
South Africa's Garden Route is the place for you!