KwaZulu-Natal (The Zulu Kingdom) is one of South Africa's most stunning provinces.
KwaZulu-Natal has it all!
Here you will find dazzling beaches, towering mountains, ancient Forests, And warm, turquoise waters where whales bask, and dolphins play.
And, of course, the Zulu Kingdom boasts some of the finest game-reserves in all of Africa.
The Zulu people are fearsome warriors - but these days they are very friendly!
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KwaZulu-Natal - The Zulu Kingdom
animals drinking at a water-hole in kwazulu natal, panorama
Getting Here
Flight s from the USA take around 15 hours.
Flights from London take about 12 hours.
Air Highways for the best advice and information about flights.

Passports and Visas
For British, European and American nationals entry is straightforward and hassle-free.
All you need is a valid passport.
A free entry permit will be granted as you enter South Africa.
If you are not from one of the above countries - check with your tour operator.
The South African Currency is the Rand.
You can obtain Rand in your home country before you start your journey, or at banks,
hotels and Bureaux De Change in most parts of South Africa - including The Zulu Kingdom.
Credit cards are universally accepted. Travellers cheques are OK but not really necessary.
Tipping is expected - around 15% is fair and reasonable.
You will be charged 14% VAT (purchase tax) on anything you buy here.
But if you keep your receipts you may be able to claim it back as you leave the country.
KwaZulu-Natal is one of the healthiest destinations in Africa.
There is no malaria here, and no major risk of any tropical disease.
Tap water here is safe for drinking. But buy bottled water if you are concerned.
No vaccinations are required here - unless you are entering from a Yellow Fever risk area.
If you are from the USA or Europe, you will probably have been immunised against Tuberculosis.
If not - speak to your doctor before coming here.
This is important - as a very nasty strain of TB has recently emerged in this area.
South Africa has a high rate of violent crime.
But almost all of it is confined to the townships around the major cities.
Crime against tourists is very rare indeed. Tourists are extremely important to South Africa,
and the security services are totally dedicated to keeping you safe.
Having said that - you still need to take the usual common sense precautions.
KwaZulu Natal