seychelles beach, woman on a perfect seychelles beach
seychelles beach, the most beautiful beach in the world
perfec beach in the seychelles
The Seychelles are a mixture of granite islands, and low-lying coral atolls.  
The islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most popular.
The Capital City is Victoria - Mahé.
There is an international airport here - with regular onward flights to the other major islands.

Seychelles is an all year round destination.
The Seychelles are outside the cyclone belt and enjoy stable weather all year,
with an average maximum daytime temperature of around  30ºC and 12 hours of daylight all year round.
As well as the breathtaking beaches, the Seychelles have some of the finest snorkeling and diving on earth.
And, due their geographical isolation, they are home to several unique animal, bird and plant species.
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