The Seychelles are probably the most beautiful islands on the planet.
Getting Here
You can fly direct from London (10 hours) and from many other parts of the world.

Everyone travelling to Seychelles must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Visas are not required.  A Visitor's Permit for 4 weeks is  issued on arrival at the airport.  
The Permit can be renewed for 3 months at no cost
You must have a return air ticket, pre-booked accommodation and sufficient money for your stay.
For more information - speak to one of our recommended Tour Operators.
The unit of currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SR) which is divided into 100 cents.
Some transactions (car rental, boat charter etc) require US Dollars or British Pounds.

Credit Cards
Credit cards are widely accepted.   

Travellers Cheques
Travellers cheques are also widely accepted, particularly at hotels, shops and restaurants.   
Cheques in US dollars and British pounds are preferred.

Currency Exchange
Banks and most hotels will exchange currency.
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The Seychelles are a mixture of mid-oceanic granite islands, and low-lying coral atolls.
The granite islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are where most tourist facilities can be found.
They are also the most attractive islands. The Capital City of Seychelles is Victoria - in Mahé.
Mahé also has an international airport - with regular onward flights to the other major islands.

Seychelles is an all year round destination.
The Seychelles are outside the cyclone belt and enjoy stable weather all year,
with an average maximum daytime temperature of around  30ºC and 12 hours of daylight all year round.
As well as the breathtaking beaches, the Seychelles have some of the finest snorkeling and diving on earth.
And, due their geographical isolation, they are home to several unique animal, bird and plant species.
Seychelles is a very safe place in health terms.
There is no malaria, yellow fever, cholera or any other tropical diseases.
If you are entering the Seychelles from any area affected by Yellow Fever
(including Kenya and East African Nations) you must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

We recommend that you obtain Travel Insurance which includes Emergency Evacuation coverage.  
Evacuation (even to the hospital at Victoria) in the event of illness or injury is expensive!