Bosch American Fridge-Freezers
Bosch American Fridge Freezers received a lot of very positive feedback from owners in our surveys.

The Bosch Classixx American Fridge Freezer is stylish, well made, and very user friendly.

It comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty, and has every feature you are likely to want or need.

Bosch American-Style Fridge Freezers are also extremely well priced.

We have not heard of any reliability problems - and owners that we spoke to were delighted with their purchases.
Where to buy American Fridge Freezers?
Our highest recommendation goes to  John Lewis
We also highly recommend the Co-Operative Electrical Shop  
They offer better guarantees than just about any other outlet. Their website is easy to use.
Their payment system is totally secure.
And the John Lewis name provides total peace of mind.