John Lewis American Fridge-Freezers
This side by side wine-cooler triple American Fridge Freezer from John Lewis is truly exceptional.
It carries the John Lewis brand name - but it is
made in Germany.
Like all John Lewis appliances It has a three year warranty - which is very confidence inspiring.

Owners in our surveys who purchased this beauty report that they are "Totally satisfied".
Not cheap - but we think it offers excellent value for money.

John Lewis appliances are built by top manufacturers (Electrolux, Siemens etc) and re-badged.
They come with 3 year warranties, and have a reputation for first-class reliability.

The John Lewis brand name ensures quality - and excellent customer service.
Highly recommended!
john lewis triple fridge freezer image
Where to buy American Fridge Freezers?
Our highest recommendation goes to  John Lewis
They offer better guarantees than just about any other outlet. Their website is easy to use.
Their payment system is totally secure.
And the John Lewis name provides total peace of mind.