Sub-Zero American Fridge-Freezers
Sub Zero is a prestige manufacturer of domestic refrigeration appliances.
They are one of the few companies that still build their American Fridge Freezers in America.

They were the first company to supply built-in fridges and freezers. And they claim to be the only company in the world to
employ dual-refrigeration technology, which keeps fresh food fresher and preserves frozen food longer.

Sub Zero American Fridge Freezers are big and very solidly built (they weigh up to three times as much as their rivals!)

The company has a strict policy regarding which outlets are allowed to stock their products - you can't just buy them
anywhere. In the UK they are supplied by John Lewis.

Click this link to see them in store  Sub Zero at John Lewis

Our Verdict:
Sub Zero American fridge-freezers cost a fortune and they weigh a ton. But they are magnificent!
The Best American Fridge-Freezer You Can Buy?