ACER was until recently one of the world's largest computer
manufacturers. They had a reputation for building good value

A few years ago Acer shifted from being a manufacturer to a
designer, marketer and distributor of products.

These days all Acer production is carried out by contract
manufacturers. Mostly in China and the far east.

Acer also own Gateway Computers, E-Machines, and

Acer Laptops are well designed, and reasonably priced - and
are worthy of a place in the top ten 10 laptops.
but there is a question-mark over their long-term reliability.

We like Acer Laptops - but we advise prospective buyers to
consider other brands if they use their laptops a lot.
Acer laptops are not reliable long-term under hard use.

For light home use, student use, etc they are terrific - but for
business use, or if you are on your laptop all day - choose
another brand.
Our highest recommendation goes to
John Lewis for their excellent selection, competitive prices, first-class customer service, and
the peace of mind that goes with the John Lewis name.
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