The Samsung Group is the world's largest conglomerate -
composed of several international businesses,
all backed by the South Korean Government. Samsung Electronics is
the world's largest electronics company.
In 2005, Samsung replaced Sony as the world's leading consumer
electronics brand. This is a HUGE company.

Government support gives Samsung the ability to access unlimited
funds from major banks in South Korea.  
If Samsung were a country it would be the 34th largest economy in
the world - wealthier than Argentina!

Samsung Laptops, like most Samsung products, offer superb
reliability and excellent value for money.
Samsung products may not be quite as stylish as some brands - but
for reliability and build-quality, they are superb.

The Top Ten Site operates several Samsung products in our office -
and we honestly can't fault them.
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goes to John Lewis for their excellent selection, competitive prices, first-class customer service,
and the peace of mind that goes with the John Lewis name.
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