To be perfectly honest, I preferred Land's End the way it used to be - a stunningly desolate place
with fabulous views and not much else.
It was a must-visit, because it was "Land's End" - next stop, America!

These days is not just a geographical landmark - it's a "Family day out".
There is an amusement park here, with:- An exhibition of the props, costumes and monsters from
Dr Who TV series.

A "multi sensory" theatre show that recounts the myths and legends of the Land’s End area,
including wreckers, smugglers and witches.

Coast - an interactive exhibition based on the BBC TV series.
Plus craft shops, The First and Last Pub in Britain etc etc!

It is now a very commercial place - not desolate at all - and the hype surrounding the new Land's
End is much more impressive than the actual experience. But it's worth a visit if you are in the area.
Land's End
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