Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre used to be a sanctuary for otters.
The only place in the West Country breeding the British Otter and reintroducing
otters into the wild to save them from extinction.
They were incredibly successful!
The otter is no longer an endangered species.

So the sanctuary has developed into an otter and wildlife centre.
Here you will see British and Asian Short Clawed Otters, living, playing and being
fed by hand. But this place is not just about otters.

There are Fallow Deer in a woodland enclosure,  and Wallabies and Muntjac Deer
roaming around the 21 acre grounds.
There are several Owls, Peacocks and a variety of Waterfowl. There is a woodland
walk to an Old Quarry where you can see Scottish Wildcats.

It may not be Longleat Safari park - but it is a good day out for the whole family -
and excellent value for money.
Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre
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