Brixham is the third of our English Riviera resorts - and in many ways the most interesting.
Brixham may be pretty and quaint and full of olde-worlde charm - but that's not its main attraction.

What really makes Brixham special is its authenticity.
Brixham is still a genuine Devon fishing port - this is not theme park Devon - this is the real deal!
In most Devon coastal towns you can see places "where fishing boats used to work".
But in Brixham the fishing boats are still plying their trade.

Brixham Harbour, with its steep rows of terraced fishermen's cottages, is the focal point of the town.
Here you can watch locally caught seafood being landed almost every day -
And you can sample it - prepared to perfection, in the many harbour-side cafes and restaurants.

Above the town, at Berry Head, you can view the ramparts of two castles -
They were built in the 1700s to ward off the threat of invasion by the French armies.
Berry Head also provides breathtaking views of the bays and beaches along the local coastline.

Brixham has several beaches - they are mostly pebbles or shingle/sand.

And Brixham has the famous Shoalstone Pool - see picture below -
a superb seawater pool where you can swim safely and free of charge!
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Shoalstone Pool
Berry Head
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