Dawlish sits on the south coast, around half way between Torquay and Exeter.
It has a quiet, relaxed, laid-back atmosphere - very unusual around here!

Dawlish town has some charming buildings - mostly Victorian and Georgian.
The Town Centre has a good selection of shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

In the 19th century Dawlish featured in the novels of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen and
became a highly fashionable resort for the well-heeled and the aristocracy.

These days it is a popular film location, often featured in Victorian drama.

At the centre of the town is an attractive park - known locally as "The Lawn"
Here you will find colourful flower beds, exotic and tropical plants and palm trees.
This is an ideal place for taking things easy and soaking up the relaxed atmosphere.
A lovely brook runs through the park, cooling the air and adding to the tranquillity.
At night, coloured lights dance on the brook, creating a magical place for an evening stroll.

Below the town, at the feet of those deep-red cliffs, Dawlish has three beaches.
They are separated from the town by a railway line and a sea wall.
These beaches are fine for a splash around and a change of scene from the town.
But if you want to see some truly spectacular coastal scenery - take a stroll to...


Dawlish Warren is a spectacular spit of land with wonderful beaches and a nature reserve.
Limited parking is available here - but better to walk along the coast from Dawlish town.
Dawlish - South Devon
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