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Best place to buy a dishwasher?

Our highest recommendation goes to - John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand dishwashers at competitive prices.
Their website is easy to use, their payment system is totally secure, their customer service is second to none,
they offer better guarantees than anybody else, and the John Lewis name guarantees total peace of mind.

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LG make very stylish and very reliable dishwashers.
Unique to LG, a steam generator gently removes baked-on stains
without the need for pre-rinsing. The steam system is powerful enough
to remove stubborn
marks from delicate items such as glass, without leaving them streaky,
scratched or damaged. Even more impressive, the dual steam spray
lets you wash delicate glasses and dirty pots in a single steam cycle.

LG's direct drive motor system eliminates belts and pulleys to increase
efficiency, eliminate noise (these machines are almost silent) and
reduce wear and tear.
This system also provides 10 litres more space than conventional

Our Dishwasher repair man says...
I'm not totally sold on the steam thing - it might be just a gimmick.
But the direct driver system is very impressive.
LG machines are amazingly quiet, and with no pulleys and drive belts,
they should suffer fewer breakdowns. They are pretty well put together

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