Most modern dishwashers from the well-known manufacturers will clean your dishes just fine - for a while.
But far too many of them are unreliable and are prone to breaking down on a regular basis.

A broken dishwasher is worse than useless.
Even if it's under guarantee it will be sitting in your kitchen doing nothing while you wait for the repair-man to arrive (again!).

Reliability is absolutely crucial.

Some online outlets have customer reviews, and some terrible dishwashers accumulate a whole bunch of five-star ratings.
These reviews are not much use, because they are posted far too soon.
They can tell you how fast the dishwasher arrived, and how great it looks in its new home.
But they tell you nothing about the long-term reliability of the product.

We asked thousands of long-term owners about their dishwasher experiences - good and bad.

Our expert repair man gave us tons of useful data about every dishwasher on the market.

And we placed several dishwashers with ordinary families for long-term testing.

If you want a RELIABLE dishwasher -
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The Top Ten Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands
Best place to buy a dishwasher?

Our highest recommendation goes to - John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand dishwashers at competitive prices.
Their website is easy to use, their payment system is totally secure.
Their customer service is second to none,
They offer better guarantees than anybody else,
And the John Lewis name guarantees total peace of mind.

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The best way to discover how reliable or unreliable a dishwasher is - is to ask the people who own it.
Another excellent source of reliable information is your friendly local dishwasher repair man.
A third method is to run your own long-term tests.

The Top Ten Site has done all three of those things in our bid to find the top ten most reliable dishwashers on today's market.
Hopefully this will help you to make an informed choice about which dishwasher you should buy.
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