Bosch Dishwashers
Bosch make excellent, robust, reliable dishwashers.
The vast majority of Bosch dishwasher owners in our customer satisfaction
surveys told us that they would definitely buy a Bosch dishwasher again -
and that they would happily recommend Bosch dishwashers to their friends.

Bosch dishwashers are among the best value dishwashers on the market.
They offer build quality that only the most expensive brands can beat.

Our Repair Man says...
The Bosch range is first-class. I would definitely have one in my own home.

At the top end of the Bosch range they are competing with brands like Miele and
Fisher & Paykel, and those two brands are simply awesome. So if I was spending
a lot of money I probably wouldn't buy a Bosch.

But in the mid-range market, Bosch are as good or better than any dishwasher
you could buy for similar money.
The Top Ten Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands
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Best place to buy an Bosch dishwasher?

Our highest recommendation goes to - John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand dishwashers at competitive prices.
Their website is easy to use, their payment system is totally secure, their customer service is second to none,
they offer better guarantees than anybody else, and the John Lewis name guarantees total peace of mind.

Our red link above will take you directly to the Bosch dishwasher section of their site.

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