Smeg Dishwashers
Smeg make some of the trendiest kitchen appliances on the planet!

Thier 50s retro series includes washing machines, dishwashers, fridges etc.
SMEG is an Italian manufacturer and has been owned by the same family since 1948.

Smeg appliances are iconic and legendary in their home country,and - thanks to their
style they are popular all over the world. They are, however, pretty expensive - and a
large percentage of the price is for their style and their uniqueness rather than their
build quality.

Our Dishwasher repair man says...
Smeg dishwashers are fairly well made and - for the most part - pretty reliable.
They are not as dependable as Miele or Siemens or AEG. And, when they do go
wrong, they can be expensive to repair - genuine Smeg parts are not easy to find.
Nothing beats Smeg for style, but if your dishwasher leads a hard life, there are more
reliable brands out there.
The Top Ten Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands
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Best place to buy a Smeg dishwasher?

Our highest recommendation goes to - John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand dishwashers at competitive prices.
Their website is easy to use, their payment system is totally secure, their customer service is second to none,
they offer better guarantees than anybody else, and the John Lewis name guarantees total peace of mind.

Our red link above will take you directly to the Smeg dishwasher section of their site.

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