Zanussi Dishwashers
Zanussi was an Italian producer of home appliances until 1984 when it was
bought by Electrolux. The Zanussi company can be traced back to 1858,
and has always had a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

In the 1970s and into the 1980s the company built a range of washing machines
which proved extremely popular and very reliable.

Zanussi appliances share common components with the rest of the
Electrolux range, primarily Electrolux, and AEG. The John Lewis "Own Brand"
range of dishwashers are mostly re-badged Zanussi models.

Our Dishwasher repair man says...
Most Zanussi dishwashers use good quality components from Electrolux and AEG.
This, in my opinion, makes Zanussi dishwashers among the best value for money,
and most reliable dishwashers at the lower end of today's market
The Top Ten Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands
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Best place to buy a Zanussi dishwasher?

Our highest recommendation goes to - John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand dishwashers at competitive prices.
Their website is easy to use, their payment system is totally secure, their customer service is second to none,
they offer better guarantees than anybody else, and the John Lewis name guarantees total peace of mind.

Our red link above will take you directly to the Zanussi dishwasher section of their site.

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