Top 10 Ten Electric Cookers
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The best regular electric cookers are made by

AEG   Stoves    Zanussi    John Lewis  and   Electrolux    
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Avoid Belling Cookers & Hobs
Belling hobs, including those on top of their cookers, are notoriously unreliable.
We heard from several people that Belling hobs stop functioning correctly almost as soon as their guarantee runs out.
They have a problem with their "simmer-stats" - so the hobs only work on full blast - you can't turn them down to simmer.
We heard this so many times - but when we contacted Belling, they ignored us.
So we ran our own long-term test - and the customers were right!
The simmer-stat for every ring on our Belling ceramic cooker failed after just over a year.
The quote we got for replacing them was £126 for parts and over £100 for labour!