trixter x-bike animated image
The Trixter X-Bike is the rising star of the exercise world.

Despite the fact that this is the New Kid on the Block, the Trixter
X-Bike easily won a spot in our Top 10 Exercise-Bikes.

Our Fitness Expert said it was  "The best exercise-bike ever!"

Our Design-Consultant called it "Revolutionary!"

And our Mountain-Biker had to be threatened with dismissal from his
job before he would stop riding it!
The X-Bike is rapidly becoming the "Must Have" machine for people
who enjoy getting fit.

The handlebars "Articulate" from side to side, engaging the arms,
upper body, stomach and torso muscles, as well as the legs, heart
and lungs.

The Trixter X-Bike brings outdoor cycling indoors!
Trixter X-Bike
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