We used 100 volunteers -  golfers of all ages and all standards - to test the
Callaway RAZR Forged Irons.

This is what we discovered.
Callaway RAZR Forged Irons are stunningly attractive, beautifully made, and they perform
superbly - but they are (or were) expensive.

Our low handicappers loved them - which is what we would expect. These irons provide low
handicappers with the perfect blend of feel, control and forgiveness.
But a surprising number of our mid handicappers loved them too -
because the way they look at address inspires more confidence than most better-player irons.

Callaway RAZR Forged Irons have a soft feel, tremendous power, and 40% more grooves to
produce extra spin.

Callaway RAZR Forged Irons are "serious" better-player irons. Better players can shape their
shots with these irons. And the sweet-spot is generous enough to inspire confidence.
Our verdict
A fabulous piece of kit.
The only negative was the price - but prices have dropped drastically recently - so shop around.
Callaway RAZR X Forged Irons - Independent test and review.
Golf - The Top Ten Better-Player Irons