Mizuno MP-4 Grain-Forged Irons.
If you are a good ball striker and you've never hit a Mizuno grain-forged iron, do yourself a favour and try one.
You don't know what you're missing! No other manufacturer can match the silky smooth, butter soft feel of a Mizuno blade.

The golfing world has long appreciated the sheer quality of Mizuno irons, so our low-handicap and pro testers were itching to get to grips with the Mizuno MP-4 - and they were not
disappointed! The Mizuno MP-4 is probably the finest muscle-back iron ever made.

The Mizuno MP-4 looks fabulous, and many of our testers commented that this is the most beautiful golf club they had ever seen. These irons are like pieces of golfing sculpture,
works of art.  But they are not just good to look at. They feel fantastic, they sound amazing, and as long as you find the sweet-spot, they perform perfectly, providing a powerful,
penetrating flight and amazing accuracy. Yet, despite all of these qualities, very few of our testers said that they would actually use a set of MP-4 irons. Almost everyone said that
they would
like to use them, but they doubted their ability to find that sweet-spot every single time.

A lot of people, however, fell in love with Mizuno irons during this test, and many of them said that they would be looking at some of the more forgiving irons in the Mizuno MP range.

Our Verdict
For good ball-strikers who like to shape their shots, and care about how a club looks and feels, the MP-4 is as good as it gets.
The Mizuno MP-4 is a genuine class act from the masters of forged irons.

NOTE: For an equally stunning but slightly more forgiving iron, check out the Mizuno MP-5 and the Mizuno MP-25

The video below is taken from Mark Crossfield's You Tube channel - and he appears to agree with most of our testers.
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Mizuno MP 4 Irons - tested and reviewed.