This is the club that most low-handicappers wish they could use.
It looks fantastic, scalpel sharp top-line, perfect shape head, no offset, beautiful chrome finish - a work of art - a piece of golfing sculpture!

But this club offers almost no help to struggling golfers.
Even our best players, who loved this club to a man, felt that it was just too unforgiving for everyday use. But if you are talented enough to handle it, the
Mizuno MP69 is probably the best blade iron in the world.

When struck properly, this club provides superb soft feel, wonderful playability, and all the street-cred you could ever need.

Our Verdict
Probably the finest blade on the planet - but only for the very best players.
Mizuno MP 69 Irons - tested and reviewed.
Golf - The Top Ten Better-Player Irons