Mizuno MP 53 Grain-Forged Irons.
Our low to mid handicap testers adored the Mizuno MP53 - even more than the fabulous
Mizuno MP63 - here's why...

The MP53 looks like a tour-player's weapon of choice, but the slightly higher launch angle and extra forgiveness makes the MP 53
perfect for decent players seeking just a tad more help than a full-on tour blade can give them.
And like the MP 63, they look fabulous, they feel fantastic, they perform perfectly, they sound wonderful, and they have top street-cred!
Slight offset on longer irons is not to every good player's taste - but unless you are a superb striker, it will help your game.

Our Verdict
Every bit as fabulous as the MP 63, but slightly easier to live with on a day to day basis if you're not a scratch golfer.
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Mizuno MP 53 Irons - tested and reviewed.