The Ping S55 is possibly the closest anyone has yet come to the perfect marriage between cavity back and blade irons.

From behind it looks pretty much like many other Ping cavity backs, but when you put this club down behind a ball, everything changes.
The "engine" of the club is no longer visible, and what you see is a very serious blade-like iron.

It has a thin top-line, almost no offset, a compact face, and unlike its Ping ancestors - it has a ferrule.
All of this made the Ping S55 very appealing to the vast majority of our mid-low handicap testers.

Launch angle is ideal - quite high but with enough power and penetration to satisfy most golfers.
Feel is solid and powerful. It lacks the softness of say a Mizuno blade, but most of our testers forgave it because the performance was so good.
Our verdict
A superb golf club that will improve the game of almost anyone from around 12 handicap down.
The only negative is the ridiculously high recommended retail price. Shop around!
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Ping S55 Irons - tested and reviewed.