Golf - Top 10 Blade Putters
Scotty Cameron
The Scotty Cameron Blade putter is a legend in its own lifetime.

Beautifully designed, perfectly engineered and superbly put
together, this is the Rolls Royce of blade putters.

Nobody builds a better blade putter!

But are they really worth their insane price tag?

If money is no object - then you should buy one.
If nothing else, you will have all the street-cred and all the pose
in the world!

But ponder this - If you pull a Scotty Cameron out of your bag,
and miss an easy putt, you will have to accept all of the blame
and all of the embarrassment!

If you use a Scotty Cameron, you can't blame your putter!
Golf - Top 10 Blade Putters
Scotty Cameron