Callaway Big Bertha Game Improvement Irons
More forgiving than a Catholic Priest!
Callaway Big Bertha irons are aimed at golfers who seek absolution for their golfing sins - like off-centre hits.
Our higher handicap testers were mightily impressed with the extra height and distance that these clubs gave them.
And the older members in our testing team thought they were just about perfect.
Some of our mid-handicappers loved them too  - because they could give the ball a real lash and still hit it straight.
Who should buy this club?
Golfers who struggle with consistency, and would like extra height and distance.
Golfers with slower swings and those who are "not as young as they used to be!"
Golfers who like to give it a lash and still hit the target.
Our verdict
Not cheap - but worth the money if you want total forgiveness.
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