We used 100 volunteer golfers to test the new Callaway RAZR Irons. This is what we discovered.
Callaway RAZR Irons are
among the most accurate game improvement irons we have ever tested.
Like most modern game-improvement irons, the centre of gravity is low - making higher shots easier to achieve.

Our high handicappers loved them - which is what we would expect. But a surprising number of our mid-low handicappers loved them too. -
This is because they offer better feel and control than most game-improvement irons.
And everybody positively raved about just how accurate these clubs are.
This may have been due to a "confidence bug" that spread through our testers like a virus - but our stats backed up our testers'
impressions - these clubs ARE extremely accurate, and in the right hands they could be unbeatable!

Callaway RAZR Irons also look like "serious" better-player irons - which is great for their owner's street-cred.
Our verdict
Not cheap, but an ideal choice for improving golfers and mid handicappers.
Callaway RAZR Irons - Independent test and review.
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