The Callaway Diablo Octane Black Tour Driver is built from a revolutionary new material called Forged Composite.
Callaway claim that Forged Composite is the lightest, strongest material that they have ever used.
This has allowed Callaway to develop a club head with more power transfer at impact than can be achieved with titanium drivers.

It was a success with almost all of our testers.
Almost all of them felt that they had achieved improvements in distance and accuracy over their current drivers.
They also said that the Diablo Octane Black Tour was forgiving enough and inspired plenty of confidence.

The cold hard data slightly disagreed
When we analyzed the data, we found that this driver was no longer or more accurate than the top titanium drivers.
It may have felt better to our testers (which is important) but its performance was about the same as its titanium rivals.

Our Verdict: The material may be revolutionary but the performance is not. The Callaway Diablo Octane Black offers nothing new
in terms of performance. But our testers liked the feel and the look of it, so it is worth considering. Just don't expect miracles.
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Callaway Diablo Octane Black Tour Driver Review