Callaway Great Big Bertha
2016 Driver Review
Callaway launched the first Big Bertha Driver decades
ago, and it was a MASSIVE success. For a while it
was the only oversize driver on the market, and
everybody who could afford one had one. It changed
the game of golf forever!

The latest incarnation of the Big Bertha Driver will not
have anywhere near the impact of its ancestor, but
that doesn't mean it's not a fabulous golf club.

Callaway, who are prone to exaggeration, will tell you
that the new Great Big Bertha Driver will revolutionise
your game - but it won't. It's just another minor tweak.
It might give you an extra yard, or a tad more
forgiveness, but don't expect any miracles.

In our opinion it's a great golf club in a world that is
awash with great golf clubs.

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Watch this video too - It is a true eye-opener! Can we really trust today's marketing hype?