The Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver was supposedly created by a partnership between Callaway and Lamborghini!

Maybe Callaway think this sounds cool - but we think this is more an exercise in styling and it needlessly raises the price.

Their previous top driver (the FTiQ) was built using "
technology found in Stealth Bombers and Formula One Racing Cars".
This kind of sales pitch is quite frankly ridiculous, and it is more annoying than impressive.

However, the RAZR Hawk driver is very impressive and if it were priced sensibly it wouldn't need the ridiculous hype.
Most of our testers liked it a lot. Lightweight, fast, forgiving, and available in three versions - Tour, Neutral and Draw.

But very few of our testers said that they would actually buy one - because it is simply far too expensive.

Our Verdict:
A terrific driver but overpriced. There are equally good drivers out there for far less money.
But if you must own a Callaway RAZR Hawk - shop around for big discounts.
Just make sure you buy from a genuine Callaway dealer - the price of this club makes it very popular with the fakers.

Message to Callaway.
Please concentrate on what you do best and stop trying to portray your brand as some kind of style-icon.
You don't build stealth bombers, and you don't build super-cars for rich and trendy posers. You make and sell golf equipment.
Callaway clubs are easily good enough to compete with the very best - you don't need the ridiculous hype.
So, please, fire the overpaid idiots in your marketing department - they are damaging your reputation as a serious golf manufacturer.
Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver