The Cleveland Classic is absolutely gorgeous! Its retro-wooden paint job, and deep pear-shaped head made it one of the best
looking metal-woods ever made. But it's not just good to look at - the Cleveland Classic really performs too. The look may be classic
and retro, but the technology was bang up to date. The Cleveland Classic driver had the deepest legal face and the lightest graphite
shaft on the market. It looks great, it flies a mile, it's easy to use, and it is still a match for just about any of today's drivers.

Our low handicappers loved the deep face, the powerful penetrating flight, and the workability of this driver.
Our mid-handicappers found it more powerful than their current drivers.
Our high handicappers gained great confidence from the deep face and the classic shape of the head.

Our Verdict: A powerful, workable driver that looks fabulous and will suit golfers of all levels.
The Cleveland Classic was pretty expensive in its heyday - but now, if you shop around, you can buy one for next to nothing!
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Cleveland Classic Driver Review