The Cobra S3 Driver is aimed squarely at the game-improvement sector of the market - which means most of us!
The concept behind the Cobra S3 is to re-position the "sweet-zone".  
Cobra's research showed that most mid-high handicappers tend to miss the centre of the clubface in the same areas.
The deep, elliptical face of the Cobra S3 is designed to compensate for this - making it the most forgiving driver around.

Our high-handicap testers liked it. Most of them were impressed with the new level of confidence that th S3 gave them.  
Our low-handicap testers did not feel the same way - they disliked the bulbous shape of the clubhead.

Our Verdict: A top choice for mid and high-handicappers who need more forgiveness and confidence from their driver.
The Cobra S3 can be picked up at hugely reduced prices - so shop around for this top quality driver.
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Cobra S3 Driver Review