Seriously? Are we really naming a square driver in our top ten bargain drivers?
Actually, yes we are. This section is about the top ten bargain drivers - and the Nike Machspeed Black is a real bargain these days.
Not so long ago, this driver was selling for a fortune - today, if you shop around, you can find it for a handful of loose change! - and that's a steal.

The performance of this driver is a match for anything on today's market. And it has an adjustable club-face angle to suit your needs.
The only reason that it is now so cheap is its shape - square drivers never really captured the imagination of professional golfers.
But don't let that discourage you. It may look like a brick on a stick - but it performs magnificently.
And if like most amateur golfers, you have problems with alignment, a square driver can really help - it's hard to mis-align this thing!
When we originally tested this driver, our volunteers liked everything about it bar the shape.

Our verdict
Nike spent a fortune developing this driver. It is a superb golfing tool, and it should not be ignored because of its shape.
If you can forgive it for being ugly, buy one. It is an amazing bargain.
Golf - 300 Yards on a Shoestring
Nike SQ Machspeed Black STR8-Fit Driver