Nike Vapor Fly Driver Review
Our staff, and our volunteer testers were all eager to
get their hands on the new Nike Vapor Fly Driver. But
to be perfectly honest it turned out to be something of
a disappointment.

It looks amazing in a cutting-edge, high-tec, dazzling
graphics kind of way, but it doesn't actually perform
any better than previous generations of Nike drivers.

If you already own a Nike driver, you might as well
hang onto it, because unless it's more than ten years
old, it's just as good as the latest model! The only
reason to exchange your old Nike for this one is
because the colors and the graphics have changed.

It's a great golf club, and if you simply have to
have this years color - then go for it. But don't
expect it to perform any better than last year's
model. Click the pic to see if Mark Crossfield
agrees or disagrees with our verdict.

And click
HERE to see it in store