Ping G Driver Review
Compared to some manufacturers, Ping can appear
somewhat lacking in glamour and razzmatazz. But
Ping have always been more about substance than
glamour. Ping golf clubs are the best engineered in
the world. They are tools of the trade rather than
bling! If Ping built cars, they would be like Porches or
BMWs - based on tried and tested engineering rather
than cutting-edge technology. So it came as a bit of a
surprise to discover that Ping are ahead of Callaway
when it comes to aerodynamics.

Callaway have been boasting about the how their
collaboration with Boeing has given them an
aerodynamic edge - but Ping were already there!
The lumps and bumps on the top of the Ping G driver
create extra clubhead speed and stability.

The Ping G is a fabulous driver!

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