We asked 100 volunteers, golfers of all standards, to test the Taylor Made Burner
Superfast 2.0 Driver.
A lot of golfers found it hard to choose between the RBZ and the Burner Superfast.
This is what we think.
If you like tinkering with your driver, experimenting, then the RBZ is for you. If not, the
Burner will suit you more.

Looks:- Our testers were strongly divided - the white head and the go-faster stripes take
some getting used to. And the slightly triangular shape upset one or two purists - but
everyone agreed that this club looks powerful.

Performance:- Our low handicap testers and our pros liked the Taylor Made Burner
Superfast 2.0 a lot. They found it easy to launch, but still providing a powerful, penetrating
flight. But many of our higher handicappers struggled with accuracy, and preferred the
Taylor Made RBZ

Our Verdict: A great choice for stronger players with well established swings.
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TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver Review