We asked 100 volunteers, golfers of all standards, to test the Taylor Made R11s Driver. This is what we found.

This is truly a driver for just about everyone! With so many possible adjustments you can set this driver up to suit your
swing perfectly. Getting the right settings can take time, but most of our testers found making the changes very easy.
Looks:- Our testers were strongly divided - the white head takes some getting used to.
Performance:- Even before making their own adjustments, virtually all of our testers loved the feel of this club.

The only negative about the Taylor Made R11s was the price.
But since TaylormMade replaced it with a "new" model, prices have plummeted. Shop around and you can save a bundle.

Our Verdict:
There is no way that this driver is out of date and needed replacing. It just as good as any driver on the market.
TaylorMade have brought several drivers since the R11s but none of them are any better than this.
If you can find one from a legitimate TaylorMade dealer - buy it!
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TaylorMade R11s Driver Review