TaylorMade M1 Driver Review
taylormade m1 golf driver
The M1 is probably the best looking driver that TaylorMade have ever produced.
Its carbon composite crown it looks just fabulous, and we think that TaylorMade
will sell a million of these drivers on looks alone. The M stands for Multi-Material
and the carbon composite crown is ultra-thin, ultra-lite and weight for weight it is
stronger than any known metal. This, we are told, allows the designers to place
more weight lower down, and to provide a the TaylorMade M1 with huge range of
adjustability. Run your mouse over our picture at the top right of the page to flip
the club over and see the base. You'll see two sliders - one to adjust the side to
side shape of your shots, and one to adjust the spin-rate or trajectory.

The graphic on the right shows how this is all supposed to work. The side to side
adjustments have been around for a long time now, but the adjustable spin rate is
new and the jury is still out on whether it actually works or is just another sales
gimmick. In our tests, we didn't have the technology to measure spin-rate, but in
terms of feel, ball flight, distance, and accuracy, the sliders on the TaylorMade M1
didn't appear to have any affect whatsoever. You can also change the loft and
lie-angle on an M1, using the the adjustable hosel, and the these adjustments
made a genuine difference to the the results for several of our testers.

Click the picture (below) to watch a video review of the TaylorMade M1
Driver. And click
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