Like most of the big-name manufacturers, Titleist have nothing genuinely new to offer for the second half of 2013.
And, like most of the others, they have gone into "Gimmick Mode" - messing around with the shape and colour of their drivers,
coming up with ridiculous name like "The RIP Phenom 70 Driver" - but offering no real improvements in performance.

Titleist 909D Comp is still the best driver on the Titleist list - and the only Titleist driver you should consider.
Its classic looks, bullet-proof build quality, and top street-cred make it a worthwhile investment.
And the low spin-rate, mid-high launch angle, penetrating flight and long carry give it genuine appeal for mid-low handicappers.

Our low and mid-handicappers liked the Titleist 909D Comp a lot - although some found it a tad unforgiving.
Our high handicappers found it too intimidating - a few mis-hits and their confidence faded.

Our Verdict: A powerful, workable driver - but only really suitable for good ball strikers. Originally very expensive,
but since Titleist have introduced "newer" drivers, the 909D Comp can be found at greatly reduced prices.
Titleist 909D Comp Driver
Titleist 909D Comp Driver Review